Liquid Diamonds Live Resin

Liquid Diamonds Live Resin are potent and flavorful extract made from a combination of live resin sauce and THCa Diamonds a from of  premium cannabis concentrate derived from marijuana plant material down to its most potent parts. the thc organic ingredients straight from the source.

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 Diamonds Live Resin sauce, or a thc distillate, is a highly concentrated cannabis extract in a syringe and it falls into the category of cannabis concentrates products. Liquid Diamonds Live Resin oil are cross-breeds of the best indica and sativa strain.

Liquid Diamonds Live Resin oil requires professional knowledge and equipment along with a variety of safety measures with a potent aroma and flavor granted by a high terpene content. liquid live resin are a nearly-pure form of the minor cannabinoid that offers potential therapeutic benefits of its own.

What is the difference between liquid resin and live resin?

Live Resin is made the exact same way as cured resin with one key difference: starting material, While cured resin utilizes dried flowers, live resin is made using still-living plants. Live concentrates are made by taking the trichomes from the still-living plants

Live resin is a form of concentrate that’s made by extracting the cannabinoids from fresh plant material (live plant matter), rather than dried.

liquid live resin sauce is a premium concentrate that utilizes the highest quality terpenes and live resin to produce an aroma-rich flavor profile. The main difference between liquid live resin sauce and Live Resin is that they are made from different strains of marijuana, one indica and one sativa. liquid live resin sauce is made using an indica strain, which means it provides a more relaxing experience.
THC liquid live resin Sauce  has a much higher concentration of THC than other cannabis concentrates and low concentrations of CBD, This is a potent extract that delivers a solid body high combined with an uplifting cerebral head rush

why is Liquid  Live Resin concentrates better?

thc extracted oil are the most potent concentrate and can contain up to 99.9% THC when heated up, That’s a massive difference from other concentrates that have a general THC potency of 70-90%. liquid sauce are one of  the cleanest, strongest concentrate on the market. some concentrates may allow you to experience higher THC levels, which average around 50-90%. Traditional flower can be anywhere from 10-25% THC though there are some strains like platimun og that pack a whopping 34% THC.

How Liquid Diamonds Live Resin is Made?

When producing Liquid Diamonds Live Resin, the main goal is to capture the pure essence of the live cannabis plant, so after harvesting, the delicate process skips the typical stages of drying and curing and instead flash-freezes the plant material at -80 Celsius in order to best preserve the delicate flavors.

From there, liquid butane is used to carefully transfer all the aforementioned terps, cannabinoids, and flavonoids until it’s later purged, leaving only the live resin in concentrate form. The end product will be tested by third party labs to ensure the absence of residual solvents, microbials, and heavy metals, and tabulate the total terpenes and THC/CBD content.

How to Store live resin thc Cannabis Concentrates

Liquid Diamonds Live Resin oil should be stored in a cool, dark area where there is little to no moisture. You’ll want to tailor your storage container to the type of concentrate you purchased. For example, budder is easy to scoop out of a glass jar, but shatter will become very sticky and difficult to remove. If you’re unsure of the best method for the product you purchase, check out our guide for tips on how to store different types of concentrates.

How much does Liquid Diamonds Live Resin cost?

Since CBD and THC liquid cannabis oil offer users the highest potency of all cannabis concentrates and require a particular production method, THC liquid sauce can range between around $60 to over $150  Each jar and contains about 20 milligrams of THC


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